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Through Polish Solar, Investors will be in a leading position to capitalise on years of experience of the Management team and have access to the highest quality opportunities.

Polish Solar provides Institutional and Financial Sophisticated Investors an efficient conduit to an emerging Solar PV market which will rapidly moving to a mature stage once the New Energy Law will be issued.

Polish Solar has the capacity to offer Investors a one stop shop for all their investment necessities, offering tailor made solutions from the early stage Development phase to the Construction and direct ownership of Solar PV assets through the participation in club deals with other Investors or Technical partners with the same strategy.

Polish solar combines proven asset origination, development, management, technical and back-office experience to execute long-term strategies on behalf of investors.

Polish Solar is in the best position to access the highest quality Technologies, development areas in compliance with the Zoning permits and Grid Connection for the Development of 200MW of Solar PV plants in Poland



Despite climate, Poland is anyhow an interesting Country that has the potential for Solar PV.
Polish Solar Team is currently developing 200MW of Solar plants in the most favorable areas of Poland together with Local Professional partners .
Poland is expected to build over 2GW of Solar PV capacity in the next 2 years with investments in excess of EUR 3 bn at attractive returns.